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The detailed decoration, the traditional windows, the balcony, and the courtyard make these apartments fantastic places.
Each is different, every single one so special!

The building is classified as “A” by the national energy authority: ADENE – Agência para a Energia.

In this nineteenth century Madeiran house, 7 charming apartments resulted from a fully restored old building, each with its singular detail and very cosmopolitan style.

The GOOD MEMORIES LODGE is located on Madeira Island in Funchal city centre – a lovely historic area.

Exquisite location.

Easy access.

The Lodge is very central and access could not be easier. The Good Memories Lodge is located in the Se district, very close to the Cathedral and the most charismatic buildings, gardens and museums.

There is also a wide range of traditional shops and restaurants just a stone’s throw away.

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